I See Reasoning - Y5
adding fractions in different ways
part-complete examples multiplication
perimeter of compound shapes
shape puzzles
place value true or false question
Roman Numerals reasoning
cube examples
negative number reasoning questions

I See Reasoning - Y5

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I See Reasoning – Y5 by Gareth Metcalfe provides a wide range of rich, thought-provoking mathematical tasks for children in Year 5. ‘Explain the Mistakes’ and ‘Next Step’ examples help children to build understanding. ‘Small Difference Questions’ and ‘Explain’ prompts allow children to spot mathematical patterns and relationships. The wide-ranging ‘Extend’ and ‘How Many Ways?’ tasks deepen the challenge! The resource is comprised of 362 varied tasks, linked to all different areas of the Y5 mathematics curriculum. These activities correspond to US Grade 4 and Australia Year 5. Screenshots of tasks can be used within presentations or printed and given to children. I hope that I See Reasoning enriches the maths learning in your classroom! PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY