I See Reasoning - Y1 title
reasoning in addition
counting mistake example
addition related facts
reasoning with shapes
representations of fractions
pictogram example
clocks misconception
different answers for fraction of 8

I See Reasoning - KS1

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I See Reasoning – KS1 by Gareth Metcalfe provides rich, visual prompts to build children’s conceptual understanding of mathematics. Concepts are represented visually in ‘Read the Picture’ tasks. Attention is drawn to key ideas in ‘Spot the Difference’ prompts. Opportunities to deepen learning are presented in ‘Different Ways’ challenges. The resource is comprised of 281 varied tasks, linked to all areas of the KS1 mathematics curriculum. These activities correspond to US Kindergarten and grade 1, and Australia year groups 1&2. Screenshots of tasks can be used within presentations or printed and given to children. I hope that I See Reasoning - KS1 enriches the maths learning in your classroom! PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

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