I See Problem-Solving - Y2 title
shape challenge
10s and 1s task
patterns challenge
addition, how many ways?
subtraction investigation
shape puzzles
true or false, camping example
different ways coins challenge
calculating change challenge

I See Problem-Solving - Y2

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I See Problem-Solving - Y2 by Gareth Metcalfe helps all children to flourish as mathematical problem-solvers. The coherently sequenced tasks ensure that children build the pre-skills to understand each concept. Visual representations are used to represent key ideas and misconceptions are addressed. Then, deeper questions are introduced to extend the challenge! The resource is comprised of 28 task families, each with multiple parts, spanning all areas of the UK Year 2 maths curriculum (children aged 6-7). The ultimate resource for teaching problem-solving in Y2! PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

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